Day 7:

Last day of our tour.... Hulen in Bergen - we had a split gig with the great Stavanger band STAER - and John Hegre was doing the sound - MASSIVE!


Day 5 and 6:

BokCafeen and Cafe Kaos. The last night was great - great to meet old friends, and even the waitress from Charlies in Kristiansand stopped by!

Here's a couple of videos from Kaos:


Day 4:

Wow! Many thanks to Thorbjørn Ottersen for arranging this! It was a thrill :)
Great audience - and an awesome evening! We'll be back for Vaffelføzz on the 16th of July!


Day 3:

Thanks to Louis for helping us arranging this one!


Day 2:

Kjetil Brandsdal, from NOXAGT and Ultralyd arranged a fabulous evening with Tungetale (with Anders and Sander from Purified in Blood), Staer and yours truly.

The other sets were shockingly good, and we look forward to sharing a stage with Staer at Hulen in Bergen on thursday!


Day 1:

Cafe Moody in Haugesund was nice - few people, but those who were there were great!
We hung out with Ørjan from The Low Frequency in Stereo - and had a great time!

And, yes, the paper on the mic stand are lyrics - first gig only...

A small video coming up when we have a better internet connection.

March TOUR!

Booking for March is finished - and here is the upcoming tour:

11.Cafe Moody - Haugesund
12.Kjetil Brandsdals Trykkeri - Stavanger
13.Charlies - Kristiansand
14.Union Scene - Drammen
15.BokCafeen - Oslo
16.Cafe Kaos - Oslo
17.Hulen - Bergen

More music coming sooooon!