Here are videos from our Sessions with musicians and artists from Bergen!

Sessions no 9

With Phonophani and Mari Kvien Brunvoll! No video this time...sorry...

Sessions no 5

With Jørgen Træen (Synths and guitar), John Hegre (guitar) and Vj Birk (video)!

Sessions no 4

With Kjetil Møster from Datarock, Ultralyd and Frode Flatland from Ungdomsskulen!
A very enjoyable evening, with a jazzy touch! Ehm - if you like your jazz loud as hell.

Sessions no 3

Wednesday 4th of May we played together with the great organplayer and improviser Sigbjørn Apeland. It was a lot of fun, and we discovered some interesting landscapes together! Here are some videos which might give you some idea of how it was. Just imagine it with a much better sound :) Frequent blogger and music-lover Svenn Sivertsen wrote some nice words about it.

Sessions no 2

What a blast playing with the amazing Carte Blanche dancers Guro Rimeslåtten and Ole Martin Meland. Enjoy the videos - many thanks to Irem Muftuoglu for shooting them!

Sessions no 1

An improvised evening with Njål Clementsen and Richard Myklebust from The Megaphonic Thrift!

Check out these fantastic bands!

The Low Frequency In Stereo
The Megaphonic Thrift

Pictures by Eva Pfitzenmaier

This video is completely out of sync - it's all YouTube's fault!